Our mission: create compelling content that moves the needle for our clients.

We’re changing the game of commercial and corporate branded video by creating content that provides real value for our clients. Our motto? Engage, Educate and Entertain. We believe in the power of visual storytelling, no matter what business you’re in. This is branded video content unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

What Indirap does

We work with brands to conceptualize and produce video content that most effectively sells their products and services. This includes initial creative/collaboration with brands, scripting, storyboarding, on site production, post-production, motion graphics and VFX. Our expertise includes commercials, interviews, brand overviews, real estate content, product promotion, 360 & VR content, event coverage, training, livestreaming, aerial cinematography and beyond.

Why partner with Indirap

No matter what the ask, our team will jump right to it. We strive to understand your business challenges and goals so we can adequately address your needs. From start to finish, the Indirap team works 24/7 so we can deliver an outstanding video on-time and on-budget.

Where to find Indirap

Wherever you are. Indirap is a brand without boundaries, servicing clients around the globe.

We Are Indirap

Julian Tillotson

Founder & Executive Producer

Julian Tillotson is the driving force behind the Indirap brand.  With over a decade of production and editorial experience, Julian has creatively collaborated with some of the world’s most well known brands such as Microsoft, Honda, Techstars, Virgin Atlantic, CBRE and has pioneered what is now known as “the fine line between cool and corporate.” With a thorough understanding of brand identities, sales processes, digital marketing strategies and camera technologies,  he prides himself on cinematically presenting your brand to the world in it’s absolute best light possible.  Simply put, he just get’s it.

Tyler Mose


is an advertising & marketing industry veteran with over eight years of digital marketing and advertising experience with brands small to Fortune 500.  Tyler has worked directly with brands to define campaigns and branding content ranging from recruitment, large/ small scale local to national advertising campaigns both on and offline. Tyler thoroughly understands story selling and connecting with consumers through campaigns and multiple touch points. His strong points are finding areas that assist brands with telling their stories and connecting with their consumers through video campaigns via online and offline channels. Tyler is known to work directly with sales teams and directors to understand the sales process and how their teams can develop and use video / interactive content to help build better relationships and sell more product / services directly.

Peter House


House is definitely a ninja when it comes to making the magic happen.  He’s produced for the best in business from coast to coast and is one of the most dedicated production professionals you’ll ever meet.  With a background in traditional photography and music engineering, he brings an extra dimension of visual and acoustic mastery to every project he spearheads.  Peter delivers a fine blend of professionalism and casualness in all stages of production, both on and off set.

Nick Langlois

VP Of Brand Management

Nick brings over 6 years of marketing, advertising, and customer service experience
to Indirap. Having worked with all types of businesses small to large, he prides
himself on the relationships he’s able to cultivate and loves when clients consider
him a trusted and reliable resource. Nick is a graduate from the University of Illinois
where he studied Communications and managed the sales staff at his campus media
organization. He is a powerhouse of ambition, professionalism, and enthusiasm, and
can bring a fresh and inventive perspective to any project.

Joe Mellor

Cinematographer & Editor

Joe grew up in St.Paul, Minnesota where he spent most of his time filming skateboarding, which was a  big influence into video production as a career. He moved to Chicago and went to DePaul for Digital Cinema and has been shooting all kind of productions since 2008. He has a passion for cinematography, and loves to create beautiful imagery that tells a story, on every project he is working on.

Lydia Smyth

Production Supervisor

Lydia Smyth is a recent graduate of Indiana University, where she studied design, visual arts, writing and film. Her unique creative input on projects stems from her varied background in the arts, while her marketing and commercial experience allows her to consider how to practically gear any project to best achieve the client’s goals. She takes each project from an initial concept to a fully developed, production ready plan. By providing visual representation of what the client can expect through storyboards and moodboards, and presenting preproduction details in an accessible format, Lydia allows the client to give input throughout and stay updated on the project’s progress. Her focus is ensuring that the client’s ideas are taken to the next level and given the cinematic, Indirap quality, while staying true to the brand and goals of the project.

Zack Bakewell

Cinematographer & Editor

Zack Bakewell is a hard worker willing to take on any role that is needed of him.   Growing up around skateboarding, art, and music really changed the way he looks at the world and he likes to bring that into his work. Whether it be cinematography, editing, or production support, he brings his best to the table.  Zack received a Bachelor’s degree in the film program at Columbia College in 2012 and has been been making his way in the industry since.   His work has ranged from high profile shoots with companies like Gatorade and Lexus to shooting music videos and commercials for up and coming companies.  He always displays professionalism and a keen attention to detail on whatever project comes his way.   Always changing and looking for ways to improve his work, he aims to be an irreplaceable asset to the team.  

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